Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goal Work (42 and 99)

Got some ideas for a few goals. whoo-hoo! I feel like I'm actually making strides in accomplishing these goals. So stoked! Emailed SJC about that PE class and found a place where I might take that self defense class. Check out the sight: Houston Krav Maga. I think it sounds interesting. Wonder how expensive it would be??

Number 72

Dont know if you noticed BUT! my start date for this little adventure was 5 whole days ago! I was asked Monday morning by a coworker if I had accomplished any of the goals I posted. So as a small step (and maybe secretly looking for something to brag about) I decided to pick off one of the easier goals.

So without further ado, my accomplishment of Number 72.... TA DA!

Dont worry you didnt miss anything. Number 72 of my 101 in 1001 list was to create this fabulous blog. Arent you impressed? I used a wizard and everything. lol (as if I have time to do this from scratch).

So, whats next, you ask? I think I'll venture to look into Number 12. Pottery class sounds fun and not very time consuming which is a double positive right now.

Some places I've looked into:

They seem pretty cheap from $35/class to $21/class. Not too bad if I do say so myself, but I'm still on the hunt. Fear not my friends who promised me thier company on this outing! I will keep looking for something cheaper. Never hurts to spend less.

Well, I'm off to bed because my days are long and exhausting and there's no telling how many hours of sleep I'll be getting in the soon-to-be future with tax season coming up. *yawn*

Enjoy the spiffy blog. Look its polka-dotted!! Is it polka dotted? or poka dotted? *shrug* I wonder... probably google it while on my lunch break tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

101 in 1001

The premise: write down your goals and give yourself 2.7425 years to accomplish them all. (Yes I just used a calculator) Sounds neat right?! There’s so much I want to do and I didn’t think I could do it, but sitting for two hours in front of the computer I actually came up with ONE HUNDRED AND ONE GOALS for myself. And I have to tell ya'- 2 years and some change does not sound like enough time, but I guess we'll have to see. I'm choosing to share with you in hopes that you’re going to hold me accountable. And if you guys want to make your own lists and we want to do some of the same things, maybe we can do them together! Look forward to all the new adventures. Hope we can make some memories together. Start Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010 End Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012

62 more goals til completed!

1. Pass the CPA exam. <-----------------------
2. Decorate my apartment (my twg is going to help me with this one)
3. Take ballroom classes.
4. Get married to Rakesh.
5. Buy a house.   
6. Go horseback riding.
7. Go hunting with Uncle Chuck.
8. Shoot a gun. Can you believe I’m from Texas and I’ve never done this before?

9. Go on a cruise.
10. Visit Amanda in NC to prove to Matt wrong.

11. Start writing my book.
12. Take a pottery class.
13. Sign up for Yoga again.

14. Take a trip to Vegas with Rakesh.
15. Get professional photos of Rakesh and me taken.
16. Buy a new-er car. Can’t bring myself to buy a brand new car. Too much money, not enough value.

17. Research/start investment plan; start retirement fund.
18. Get back to doing volunteer work.
19. Go to Florida.
20. Visit Forks and Oregon in October. (Lauren’s suggestion)
21. Get in touch with old friends.
22. Learn to play the piano.
23. Learn to play the guitar (acoustic)
24. Learn to play the accordion.
25. Get Landolt to go out.
26. Take photography classes. (Because I know after one I’ll be addicted)
27. Learn to use Photoshop, so I can quit bugging Amanda and Rakesh.
28. Have a formal dinner with my gals and their guys at my apartment. (This has a one year deadline)
29. Take a road trip with just my sisters.

30. Go on a family vacation. Both families- Rakesh’s and Mine.
31. Have a spa day with my mom.
32. Learn to rollerblade.
33. Organize my office/scrapbooking space.
34. Take a cooking class.
35. Learn to make my grandma’s dishes.
36. Take a cake decorating class.
37. Clean out my clothes and donate the ones I KNOW I won’t wear anymore.
38. Make a bible study program.
39. Lose my freshman 15.   <-----------------------
40. Visit family in Arizona again.
41. Get my college diplomas framed.
42. Take that last PE class at San Jac to get my associates.
43. Go camping with just Rakesh.
44. Do my own car maintenance entirely by myself at least once.
45. Get my dentistry work done.
46. Take a rock climbing class and go to Colorado for rock climbing.
47. See the drive-in movie I promised Maricela two years ago.

48. Find out my blood type.
49. Eat at the Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin, TX
50. Visit Martha in Colorado.
51. Find/Make an AWESOME bridesmaid’s dress for Landolt’s wedding.
52. Spend an entire day with just Robert.
53. Learn to play halo.
54. Build something with my own two hands.
55. Send someone flowers.
56. Give an amazing tip to a waiter that deserves it. I’ve always wanted to tip a hundred dollars.
57. Learn to drive a standard.
58. Ride a motorcycle.
59. Watch a sunrise with Rakesh. 60. Go to a new beach. I.e. Not Galveston or NC beaches.
61. Buy prescription sunglasses for myself.

62. Go to 5 new restaurants.
63. Make a new dish/recipe.
64. Get new bedding.

65. Do a Chinese fire drill.
66. Play paintball.

67. Play laser tag.
68. Buy my own PJs so I can quit stealing Rakesh’s clothes.
69. Take a painting class.
70. Plant and grow flowers on my porch.
71. Make a smoothie.

72. Set up a blog for this list.

73. Create another list upon the completion and expiration of this list.
74. Go ice skating in Central Park in New York.
75. Learn a few key phrases in 5 different languages.
76. Find out and master Rakesh’s favorite dish.
77. Visit the Smithsonian museums in D.C.
78. Visit a psychic for fun.

79. Buy bicycles for Rakesh and I.
80. Read the books on my bookshelf I’ve yet to read.
81. Go to a wine tasting.
82. Go snorkeling.
83. Get my passport.

84. Put a letter in a bottle and toss it out to sea.
85. Learn to sail.
86. See the Grand Canyon.
87. Go a day unplugged. (No internet, TV, or phone)
88. Go to a comedy club again.

89. Sew the high school quilt.
90. Fill in my cookbook with my recipes and our families’ recipes.
91. Learn to do tile work.
92. Go fishing.
93. Buy 10 different teas and a tea set.
94. Ride a mechanical bull.
95. Learn to play poker and have friends over for a poker night.
96. Try out to be in a local play.
97. Sing at a karaoke bar.
98. Go skydiving.

99. Take a self defense class.
100. Spend an entire day with just my grandma.
101. Take an adult Catechism class.