Monday, March 1, 2010

Number 2

101 List
Decorate my apartment - check!!

So, my apartment is officially done! It's been a work in progress (February - April)!

Did the living room. Just missing one significant piece of art on the sofa wall and maybe a window dressing. Added shelves, bought furniture and a flat screen. It all looks great and Tabitha and Rex helped with painting, which I am oh-so-grateful for such great friends.

Did the dining room. Added a bold color to break up the monotony of the beige and brown color scheme in the apartment. Bought shelves and wall decor. I finally got around to framing my brother's art and some sketches which bring a nice touch to my dining room to make it feel a bit more young.

Did the bedroom. I wanted to keep adding color to the apartment so I made some drapes to hang. Bought a piece of art to hang on the headboard wall and added some records draw the eye up to the awesome high ceilings in the bedroom.

Did the bathroom. I got some really great items (towels and a curtain) for Christmas from Rakesh's aunts and I finally got to use them. Along with other things I've collected over the years (wall decor and a new rain type shower-head), the bathroom space is fancy and makes the small space a bit more regal.

Did the office. Built shelves, yes BUILT. I just loooove my handyman! Rakesh and I put these together for our books in just one weekend - TRIM AND ALL! Bought my drafting desk I've wanted for years! And got a little organized. :D

Hope you like it!