Sunday, May 16, 2010

Number 71

So, in case you can't guess, Number 71 on my list is make a smoothie! And though I've been making smoothies for a couple months now, I thought I'd post today because we, Rakesh and I, made some today. And I'd say, we've officially mastered the art of smoothie-making. I just couldn't take credit for the first one I ever made. It was mostly made by my little sister and the first one I made entirely alone.... well, I spit out what I put in my mouth and threw out the rest. lol.

Rakesh LOVES making smoothies now. Honestly, I don't think I've ever made one entirely by myself when he's here at the apartment. lol. He's always coming and interrupting me making it and he ALWAYS takes over, but I can't be mad about it - he makes the BEST smoothies!!

This is our spiffy new blender. I'd take a picture of mine but as I said, we made smoothies today so mine's dirty and I don't feel like washing dishes (as if I ever do)...yet another reason why I love my guy soooo much! He does all the little dirty jobs I don't want to do. Really makes my life worth living. :D Now if I only I could get him to fold the damned laundry! lol.

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