Saturday, October 9, 2010

Number 10

101 List
So.... I've been busy. Obviously right? Hence my absence.

But to update ya, I went to NC and marked off Number 10: Visit Amanda in NC to prove Matt wrong.

This stemmed from last year's road trip to NC with Amanda and the amazing Micah to help her move to NC for a Summer with Matt. The actual road trippin' was awesome! We were sleep deprived - baby included, poor guy. And as usual we had several mini adventures. lol. We did a tour of Elvis' Graceland, Micah got chicken pox? - we're still not really sure what those bumps were lol, slept in a Kmart parking lot, oh and of course we started the trip late because Amanda lost something. lol Classic Chatham move. :)

Anyways after getting there, I helped move her in, get set up, etc. But after being there a few days, my city girl lifestyle was not having the small town limitations. I was bored off my butt. I tried entertaining myself. Forced Amanda to go out. lol. Matt joked that he knew I'd never come back because I was so restless for the entire week after we got there. lol.

So this year, toward the end of June, I went up to NC to visit Amanda - and prove Matt wrong. We attended a scrapbook convention, nerded it up. I seriously think we were the youngest people there. We had a ton of fun though. We walked around and all the women were so nice! They taught us all these different tricks of the trade- it was awesome. We even made time to go out while I was there. Typical Tera-Chatham style! Wine, beer and a couple tequila shots later, we were cracking up and had the men graveling and trying to teach us how to shoot pool. It was good times. :)

I wasn't very adamant about taking lots of photos. But if I had to pick just one photo that sums up the trip it'd be the following:
"Passed out from too much fun :) "

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