Monday, October 18, 2010

Number 98

So I officially have less than 2 years left before I have to finish all of these goals - The pressure is on!

This past weekend I marked off another one of my goals - Skydiving.

I don't know if just not thinking about it made it less scary or what but I jumped out of a plane with a man attached to my back and a sheet attached to his and we survived! :D When you first can see directly outside without some kind of window or wall between you and the outside- I think THAT is when it finally hits you. "Shit. Here we go."

Some things I didn't think about before going up:

1. With nothing between you and the sky, it's gonna be cold. I stupidly wore shorts. And for the first minute before my body could adjust, I froze to death.

2. Wearing shorts is also not a good idea because those harnesses rub against your thighs like crazy! I walked funny for a good hour after we jumped.

I think it helped not really giving it much thought before I went. I think its easy to scare yourself out of doing it. Also, there's a lot of paperwork you sign before you get to go up and jump - of which about every other paragraph on 12 sheets worth of 'initial here' and 'sign here' consisted of "skydiving is dangerous. you may die." I tried to read as little as possible of that stuff so I could just get it over with.

Once you're out of the plane its like the most surreal experience you'll ever live through. I know I've been more scared of a roller coaster ride because of the height, etc than I was jumping out of a damn plane 13,000 feet above the Earth! That is so crazy to think! I'm not sure I'll do it again. I think that if I do I'll want to jump solo. Ya know - take it to the next level ;)

Here's some pics from Sunday's jump with Skydive Houston.

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