Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little did I know...

Looking at my brief post from January pre-car totaling accident. I cant even remember what the car trouble was that I was having. Little did I know that just a few days later would my car be completely totaled and I'd go almost an entire month without transportation.

If you want to test your patience, try to not rely on your own vehicle and make arrangements for everyone else to drive you everywhere. Oh my dear sweet Jesus! This month has been rough if not only for the lack of freedom. It made me realize how blessed I am though for sure. No one hesitated to offer any help/ride should I need one. Mom took me to and from work, Rakesh drove me everywhere else and friends offered rides to lunch during work. I could not be more grateful for the people in my life.

So as of yesterday, I now own a 2000 Solara. I'd say I'll take pictures and post them later but I don't even know if I ever got around to taking pictures of the Camry to post for the blog. Haha. I had the car so briefly. I am trying to remain positive. I hope that my series of complications thus far in 2011 are the tribulations that will grant me many good things in the near future. I know that whatever is the reason for the craziness I've endured this year so far, God has a great and all knowing plan that will bring me much more than I can comprehend.

I can tell you one thing for sure. This year's made me read my bible and hit my knees and pray like never before. Maybe that's the point?

Just thought you'd like an update. I feel like I havent really done much with this blog or knocking things off the list as of late. As I move forward with this year I'd like to focus on just a few goals. I feel if I can focus on just a few its more likely that I'll accomplish more this year than I did last year.

In case you were wondering:
Goals checked off the 101 List in 2010 - 17
Goals checked off the 101 List so far in 2011 - 1 (Landolt's Bridesmaid Dress)
Left to go: 83 Goals! And 596 Days left to do them in!

The Goals for the year to focus on (One in each sector of my life):
Work - Pass the CPA Exam.
Personal Life - Buy a house.
Health - Lose the freshman 15.