Thursday, March 31, 2011

Catching Up: Numbers 99, 55, 97 and 51!!!

101 List
Number 99 - Take a Self Defense Class

Okay to the photo to the right isnt from the Krav Maga class. But who has time to take a picture when you're learning how to self defend?? Last October I took a Krav Maga Womens Self Defense Seminar. Mari went with me. It was highly informative. Though as Chad, Rakesh's cousin, put it best - it's a seminar on how to punch a guy in the groin and the many moves to get in position to punch a guy in the groin. lol. It was fun. Mari, my baby sister, has really strong legs so when we'd practice, she'd almost knock me down everytime. And needless to say, Rakesh and I haven't play wrestled in a while. I think he's scared. lol

Number 55 - Send flowers to someone.

Anyone that knows Rakesh and I knows that our anniversary is February 15th. Seems strange that he'd ask me out the day after Valentines but you don't know the story behind it.

Going on a tangent in 3, 2, 1.... Rakesh and I were Seniors in High School. School was out for the day. We were chatting it up outside in the parking lot before heading home. It was Feb 13 - our flirting was still fairly new and our parents completely disapproved. lol. Rakesh was asking all these questions and being SO obvious about trying to get a hint at something to get me for Valentines day the next day. So I finally just blurted, "Please don't get me anything for Valentines day or ask me to be your girlfriend on Valentines. That's just so cheesy and cliche." He just laughed at me and my awkwardness. He said 'OK' and we went our separate ways for home and for the weekend. Valentines came and went. We had talked a bit on the phone but no surprises. Little did I know, at MIDNIGHT that night, when it was technically and officially February 15th, that he'd be ringing my phone about how he couldn't wait one second longer to ask me to be his girlfriend. :)

Back to the present... So naturally, I'm usually the receiver of gifts on our anniversary and Valentines. So this year, I thought I'd change it up a bit. I ordered flowers (edible flowers made of fruit) to be sent to his school during his clinic hours. The note read our simple short hand note since we'd been dating in high school - 143224A. (Translation - I Love You Today Tomorrow Forever & Always) He called when he got them. For those of you who are lucky enough to have been with your spouse as long as I have, you know the expressions they make without even having to actually be looking at them. And when he called, I could tell he was blushing. Smiling like a toothy dork, but definitely blushing. :D

(Mission: Make my man feel loved. Mission Accomplished!)

Number 97 - Sing Karaoke

This was last summer sometime. I had gone out with Darcy. We were bar hopping and decided to stop at her Aunt's bar in Clear Lake, Treehouse. (Fun place by the way. If you're looking for something with good priced drinks and more casual, its a good place to start the night.) Anyway, the night we went, the karaoke person was there. So a few drinks later and Darcy and I were up on stage singing. We sang "Let it rip, Let it fly" by the Dixie Chicks. Halfway thru some drunk chick at the bar came up and sang with us. It was a good time. And I actually remembered all the words even though I hadn't heard the song in ages! A proud moment for me. :D

Number 51 - Find a Bridesmaid dress for Landolt's Wedding.

Well this one is done but not exactly what I had in mind when I wrote down the goal. When I made my list, I was under the impression (since it had been her dream wedding theme since she started going to Ren Fair) that I would be in an unusual bridesmaid dress - something more Renaissance inspired. But! Since Landolt's theme has shifted to be more beach oriented I get a traditional bridesmaid dress. Its a baby blue flowy strapless tea length dress. I've got 2 weeks to make it fit comfortably, but the dress is picked out and paid for, so Number 51 - check! :)

So those are the things I've managed to get done in the last year that I hadn't had a chance to update my list for. :D yay! 4 more goals done! what what!

(The photo was added at a later day so you could see the dress. Actually quite pretty don't you think? Love that shade of blue!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleep... How I love thee, let me count the ways...

So its a few weeks later and Kelly's (my coworker) last day has come and gone. We've made it through one deadline and now are on a fast trak course the the second deadline this spring, April 18th. (Why its extended this year, I have no idea. I think its ridiculous. It interferes with Amanda Landolt's Wedding.)

I am struggling to keep my eyes open today. This morning started my shuttling Mom and Mari to thier destinations, work and school. I had to get up at 4am to dress and leave to pick them up in Clear Lake, an additional 30 min in the opposite direction of work. I picked them up, dropped them off and with leaving the house at 5am managed to get into work just before 7am.

I've just inhaled a candy bar in hopes that the sugar does something for me, other than give me this upset stomach feeling that I have now. I am envious of our new intern, who's mood is consistently happy and full of energy despite his hours and lack of sleep.

I feel I'm not only working toward the 4/18 deadline, I'm working toward a lot of personal goals all at the same time. I want to hurry up and have everything done so I can sit and do nothing. lol (Which is probably exactly what Kelly's doing right about now - nothing.)

I think if I can get out of here at a decent hour today I'll go and get a massage. I desperately need one since I tortured myself by going running this past weekend with Frank. I was active for all of 3 miles. And now EVERY muscle in my body is stiff in utter rebellion to my torture.

Lol. I just read over everything I've entered already for this blog and cant help but see just how sleepy I am with the incoherent train of thought going on in this post. Haha.

In conclusion, I'm tired. Busy Season is well underway. I am trying to survive whilst handling the house hunting, accident stuff, being active so not to become a whale, and spending time with family. Lord help me.

ALSO - Since last posting, Lent has begun. I gave up sleeping in on Sundays. Going back to church has done wonders for the soul and my mind. I feel a steady sense of peace. I've the bible on my Kindle and am making use of it. I always feel a little overwhelmed during busy season. The sense of peace and guidance I get when I read my bible is much needed at this time of year. So I am grateful. Praise His Holy Name!

He that endureth to the end shall be saved.--Matthew 10:22

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Number 47 - The Drive In

So Number 41 finally happened. That goal has been almost 4 years in the making. :) Mari and I had a nice Saturday of hanging out. We went shopping, to D&B, and pho saigon for lunch. Afterwhich, we went and parked for the drive in out in Hockley TX. FYI if you havent been out there, check it out. Its a fun time. They have a playground and you dont have to worry about babies crying, someone propping their feet up on your chair or the ridiculous price for popcorn. Its great. AND you get two movies for $5! Enough of the free advertising... lol These are just a couple shots from the day....

Mari excited about her new snuggie.

Us waiting on the movies to start.

A prize we won at Dave & Buster's.

Rakesh playing videogames.

It was a great Saturday. A nice breather from the busy busy season.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everyone's Got Kids!

I know it's silly to say but seriously - Everyone's Got Kids! Whats up with that?

It makes me feel like I'm a little behind in the "things to do to be an adult" category. Then I remember the type of career I have and that Rakesh is still in school and I remember that our lives at the present moment do not allow for children. So this is for everyone else... SLOW DOWN! LET ME CATCH UP! haha.

Let the good times roll....

So this time last week I wrote about the thus far "good times" I've been having so far this year. Well let the merriment continue - I was told today by one of my very near and dear to me friends/coworkers that she would no longer be working at the same firm as me. Its a very sad day. And to be honest, I'm a little frightened for myself. She's always acted as a mentor to me. Practically holding me by the hand and helping me truly grasp and understand certain tax issues. Now comes the time when I will stand alone and have to step it up. I'm very nervous but anxious at the sudden turn of events in the office.

Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier for her that she's on her way to do many more great and marvelous things with her career and life but I feel sad I wont get to chat it up with her everyday or that I have her to go to for help or advice. She will be missed but I know we'll keep in touch.

Now, back to work...