Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nerdin' it up!

Always in a mood for something different and fresh in the music scene, and being exasperated at the same monotonous sound that is found on the radio, I've given up listening to music until something of value surfaces.

I have taken to listening to audio books. This week, Pride and Prejudice, a favorite of mine. The earliest version of the near misses/miscommunication/and self doubt-filled romance novels. I love this story. And the early stages of love is something any woman can relate to. I cant stop listening. I'm anxious for the car ride home so I may pick it up again. :)

Other than this small update, there is not much to be reported. Busy season is as usual - busy. Though now the end draws near to busy season, the next series of To-Dos presents itself quite plainly. I am anxious to start on planning vacations, setting up workout and study sessions, and moving in the very near future.

God Bless. And keep in touch folks. I cant wait to visit with anyone who will have me. I feel I've missed so much due to work this busy season.