Sunday, July 17, 2011

Number 67

So last night was my baby sister's 17th birthday party. We did a lock-in at Putt Putt Funhouse in Clear Lake. It was a Buh-LAST! AAANNNDD! I was able to cross one more thing off of my 101 list: Play Laser Tag!

The place gives you like 30 minutes or something to run around shooting each other but it only took me about 10 minutes to get completely worn out and ultimately give up on shooting people. I just didn't have the same stamina as the teenagers, who were also playing. They ran circles around me taking turns shooting me. Mel and I ultimately ended up walking around the maze-like room and took turns shooting one another. It was a sad display of how old and out of shape I've gotten but it was nonetheless fun. Spent the entire time laughing my ass off. Best photo of the night was our Charlie's Angels pose after the game was finished:

Despite my "fierce" skills, I came in at next-to-last place.

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