Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Number 44 - 44. Do my own car maintenance entirely by myself at least once.

I changed my own oil all by myself earlier this month (Sept 18). whoop! I didn't get a picture though. :( I didn't want to ruin my camera by covering it in oil though. I actually managed to coat my entire hand in oil. LOL oops. I didn't know the oil came out so fast! And apparently I don't move quickly enough to avoid being covered in the black goop.

Number 81 - 81. Go to a wine tasting.

This past weekend, Rakesh and I went to Houston's Wine Fest in Sam Houston Park, downtown. It wasn't exactly what we were expecting. And then the heat was unbearable! So we left early. But we went! We drank! We even did a mini-painting class. (Mine totally came out better than his too!) All in all - good memories. I like our little days off doing our own thing. These days they are so few and far between.

House news: Selling agent is going to try and make our 5,000 under listing price offer work with the bank! Cross your fingers and toes and say a prayer for me. I realllly want this house. :)

Rakesh news: He bought me a ring recently, just because. :) Its a gorgeous ring. He wants me to wear it everyday because it's my "bling" according to him. haha. He makes everyday interesting. And ring or no ring, he makes me feel loved. I can't be more grateful. On another note, he's been working on his business plan and doing the last steps to get his license. I am so proud. (It's true honey. You amaze me everyday.)

Family news: I've been working on my relationships with my family members. Some are going more smoothly than others. I am staying positive though. I spent this past Saturday with my dad's side of the family tree. It was such a good time. I cant remember the last time I laughed that much with family, other than my siblings. Definitely a day I'll scrapbook.