Saturday, October 29, 2011

October makes for a full schedule...

Not much progress has been made on my 101 list this month. I have however been kept busy with all the family happenings. A list of what I've been doing since I haven't been on here keeping you posted: Buzzfest, last weekend; Priya's first birthday party, the weekend before last; our family reunion, three weekends ago; and Rakesh's family's women's get-together and Race for the Cure the weekend before that.

I've been busy.

The Race was cool. Weather was perfect. God had blessed the day and all the people who turned out for the cure. Rakesh and Mari walked with me and my company. There were so many people out there it was a circus. Seeing all the ladies of the Rakesh's family later that evening over good food made the day one to remember. Then spending the evening talking with Shonali and Deepika and Maya Auntie and Chiya Auntie and really getting to know them better, I just have to say made the whole idea a perfect one. I am so looking forward to the next girls weekend.

Rakesh Mari and I the morning before the race.

All the ladies at the table at Cheesecake Factory.

The family reunion was A-MAZING! I met so many distant relatives I had never met before. Everyone was so nice and loving. I got to spend time with my cousins, aunts, uncles and dad. Rakesh went with me and made the day even more memorable. His "buns of steel" (his words, not mine) won him the balloon popping race the men participated in. It was a very funny moment that I wish I had recorded.

My Dad, Me, My Grandmother and Rakesh at the family reunion.

The boys lining up to do the balloon race.
Rakesh is the one crouched down like he's fixing to run a track race.

Rakesh about to win the balloon race.

The Family Photo.
The shocker is that there's still a lot of people missing that couldn't make it to the reunion!

Priya's birthday was a success. Everyone turned out. The bubble theme was a hit. I'll have to remember that one for later down the road. (Even the adults got in on the bubbles action.) I think the day's biggest success was that the birthday girl had a full exciting day and was passed out and slept through all of the evening's adult shenanigans.
The adorable birthday girl.

Bubble Mountain

Everyone getting in on the bubbles fun.
Sanjay was ready for war.
Eating some cake.

Buzzfest last weekend totally rocked. Spent the day with my cousin who is as crazy and fun and carefree as they come. She had me laughing the whole day. We ate junk food all day, listened to awesome music (Bush was the band of the night. A-MAZING show. Gavin even came and sang right in front of our seats!) and Jennifer, my cousin, accomplished her goal of crowd surfing. It was a really good time.

Gavin, leader singer of Bush, was kind enough to come down from the stage and sing up close and personal to the people who didn't buy the really expensive seats.

Jennifer and I in our seats waiting on Bush to start their set.

And THIS weekend has brought many family members to Houston to celebrate Ryan and Sam getting married. We'll be on a boat for four hours tomorrow (or technically today) to watch the two become one before God and to celebrate and make some family memories. Uncle Matt and his daughter Moorea have been here since Wednesday evening. Rakesh and the rest of the family have been taking them around Houston and spending time visiting. Last night we all stayed up til at least 3 am singing karaoke. Unfortunately for me, I had to get up and go to work the next day, but the memories were well worth it. Regina and Leo came in also for the wedding and brought the beloved grandchild. So far its been a great weekend and it's not even Saturday yet! :D