Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trips and Thoughts

As usual, it's been almost a month since my last post. It's funny, every time I post I promise myself "I will post sooner than next month" and it never happens.

Today it is exactly ONE WEEK from our family trip to Arizona for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are blessed to have loved ones scattered all over the states. Rakesh, Mom and I are so excited. We can't wait to get out of town! Of course, none of the packing has started. We like to wait til the last minute to do that sort of thing. That way it's more likely that we forget something of vital importance. lol

I hope it turns out to be just as fun as the last trip to Arizona. I do love spending time with that particular part of my family. I'm hoping they also have weather similar to ours. I haven't gotten around to digging out the winter clothes just yet. (Cross your fingers for me folks!)


And then next month is me and Rakesh's FIRST EVER solo vacation!! We will be flying to Philadelphia to spend a day with my Grandmother and Grandfather, since Rakesh hasn't met them yet, and then driving to NYC, baby! I really am excited for this trip. We will be flying together for the first time. Rakesh and I seem to always be flying (work, family, whatever) but we have never flown together. I can't wait to have my guy on my arm, walking through the airport instead of being on the phone. (Seriously - I can't think of ONE TRIP I've made where the layovers weren't spent with my ear glued to my phone, talking to Rakesh!)

And it should prove to be a very exciting trip since Rakesh has never been to NYC. I have practically gone nowhere but I DID go to NYC as a Junior in High School and it was a blast. Rakesh is always telling me of all the places he's been, so it's nice to have this one up on him. Of course that means there's more pressure on me to know my stuff. So I've been getting my itinerary together. :) Say a prayer we don't get stranded in some random city due to weather!


This year has been murderous on the spirit and I think some time spent with loved ones will be a good way to end the year and replenish the soul. I have big plans for 2012. I just hope I get to accomplish my goals next year and don't hit as many snags in the road.