Thursday, December 1, 2011

Number 40

101 LIST
Number 40 on my list was to visit my family again in Arizona.

And as of this past Sunday I was driving home from one of the best little family trips ever. My Mom Mari Rakesh and I drove to Tucson Arizona for the week of Thanksgiving. Between me Rakesh and Mom we did the 17 hour trip in one day each way which allowed for the most sightseeing time available. We left Tuesday morning and spent the better part of day 1 driving.
While we drove, Mari spent the day passed out in the back seat of the van.

Day 2 I made Mom get up early and Rakesh and I took them to see the local sites. We saw the Titan Missle Museum, an Xavier del Bac Mission and Old Tucson Studios. The Titan museum was really interesting. Demonstrated how the cold war stayed cold - by having someone with their finger on the trigger button at all times.
In front of the museum, after the tour, more enlightened about the days of the cold war.

Looking down into the containment for the missle. Rakesh in a hard hat because he was too tall for the hallways in the underground control center.

Looking down into the missle containment. This thing was huge! And according to the guide, accurate within a hundred feet of the target.

San Xavier mission was really something special. Built in the late 1600s the church was so ornate. I think the holy spirit moved through my mother she spent some time praying and lit a candle. I love how churches can bring a sense of peace. Even this old church which for some considerable time in the past was left abandoned it still held the holy spirit within its walls through the people who frequented the church.
Rakesh and I getting blinded trying to take a picture but the church was eye opening.

Even the ceiling was ornate!

All of the walls were so breathtaking and covered with over a hundred different angels and saints.

Just beautiful.

We finished day two at Old Tucson Studios where hundreds of movies over movie history have been filmed, including The Three Amigos. We initially only went to this place for my mothers sake since so many old shows from when she was a kid were filmed there. And when I say old shows I mean shows like little house on the prairie, chapparal, and similar western type shows. But I digress the place turned out to be really interesting and I actually found myself disappointed to leave.

In front of the old entry to Old Tucson Studios.

At Old Tucson, they had the train used in Back to the Future. Rakesh wanted to take it home.

In front of the Back to the Future train.

The set for several movies including The Three Amigos.

I look right at home out in the country.

Mom, Rakesh and Mari at OTS. We all can't wait to go back again!

Day 3 was Thanksgiving so naturally we spent that day eating and drinking to our hearts content. I met some fabulous people and friends of our cousin, Mark: Vince,Rachel, Cris, and Paul. We stayed up late drinking and playing a really cool card game they called "waxamazul." Pretty much golf with cards and some crazy rules.

Rakesh and I ventured out alone on day 4 since Mari was sick and Mom was tending to her. We ended up hitting the road and going to Grand Canyon. Saw it with my own eyes for the first time ever just before the sunset. It was like staring at a wallpaper print! It was so beautiful and surreal to see. We also hit up some cities along the way - Flagstaff which is really quaint and Phoenix which is overrated. We had In and Out burger which was unimpressive for lunch and came across a place that made a mean calzone for dinner.

On our way to Grand Canyon.

Trying out In and Out Burger.

Rakesh took this picture "for the blog." :)

Grand Canyon at sunset.

Day 5 Mark and Aunt Leonor took us up to Mount Lemmon which had AMAZING views and an area for you to climb out on. We took so many awesome photos it'll be hard to chose one for the Facebook profile picture. Afterwards, Rakesh and I went over to Vince and Rachel's place for drinks and socializing. We ended up going to the casino after a while where I won some money on the penny slots. All in all it was a good night.

Before we headed up to Mt Lemmon, we stopped at Mark's job, Mercedes Benz. Rakesh LOVED checking out this 260,000$ car.

Mom, Aunt Leonor, Mark, Mari and Rakesh
Stopped on the way up to the top for a photo.

Mari taking in the view.

Rakesh and I at Mount Lemmon.

My cousin, Mark, being silly.

Rakesh being a goofball.

Made myself at home on Mount Lemmon and hung up my coat to climb around.

Day 6 we drove back home and were straight up exhausted but grateful nonetheless to have family and the opportunity to make such a trip.

Rakesh passed out in the back seat after staying up all night at the Casino.

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