Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Z is for Zealous


Having or showing zeal.
ardent - enthusiastic - eager - fervent - keen - earnest

I am zealous for the new year. I have a lot planned- blog plans, vacation plans, career plans, etc. My goal is to whittle it down to a few goals which are manageable and thus making them attainable. I am zealous for it to be this time next year and I hope to praising His good name for all that I accomplished this year. Now to get to work on my goals.... =D

Monday, January 30, 2012

Y is for Yesteryear.

Is yesteryear a word?

I find myself looking back on the life I've led and I praise God for everything I have been granted. Love, patience, opportunity and insight. Bless His holy name for the gift of being able to think through a situation logically and compassionately for other people.

My life, as I am sure is the same for all of you, has not been without its hardships and challenges- spiritual tests if you will. I will not, and quite frankly cannot, boast that I have come out unscathed or successful from these tests. But I do know this, I have come out humbled and grateful for such an attentive God who wants me to improve.

My life has not been easy but when I look back on my old self I cannot help but feel ashamed that I have made the world pity me instead of rejoicing in His good name that I have been delivered from such a life. A real life miracle.

The photo is completely unrelated but I thought it was funny, so I had to add it. lol.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

X is for Xmen? LOL

Yeah I have no X words to write about. So today is just a whatever day. Not much excitement going on right now. Busy season is here and it's time to work. I did get a few last minute things checked off my to-do list this weekend which I am feeling pretty good about.

I attended an Etrade seminar with Rakesh and Andrew on Saturday. Though I could have done without it being an all-day thing, I did learn a lot. It was the first stride in getting my financial plans and retirement options in order, which IS on my 101 list.

Afterwards, Rakesh and I treated my Dad to dinner, which is always fun. I was uncertain as to whether or not it would turn out okay just because Rakesh and I were so tired (and tempers tend to flare when we are in this state) but it was fun. We had some drinks and just talked with my Dad. My Dad talks a lot. As I sat there and listed to them chatter all I could think was, "this is unexpected." Simply put, never in the last 15 years of my Dad not being in my life did I ever think I would be sitting down for dinner with him and Rakesh, the love of my life. The moment was so ironic, but I know it's the path I'm supposed to be walking. I feel as the urge to visit with him and understand him are not of my own desire but God's will for me.

Then we finished the evening at a co-worker's house party, where we had a fantastic time with his friends who were so hilarious. Rakesh actually told me he laughed so hard his neck was hurting. Haha. And I scored a fantastic tres leches recipe which I cannot wait to try! (Food - it always gets me excited. haha)

And today has been so far spent just relaxing.

All in all a good weekend.

X is for X-cellent weekend? eh? What do you think? : )

Friday, January 27, 2012

W is for Work

It is the last week of January and it is OFFICIALLY busy season. I've got a lot of work to go and not a lot of time to do it in. Yay! Wish me luck on a successful busy season folks because I think this weekend makes the last one to myself for the next three months. WOot WoOt!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

V is for Vicinity

Today is my first full day at my new desk location and boy ever is it in a new VICINITY. I don't like it much.

For one, I'm not in a full cubicle (its very similar to the desk pictured) but because this is the "senior" desk in the staff room, this is now where I am placed. Its a very distracting location. The door to the hall/elevators is to the right of me, which means anyone who needs to leave/go to the bathroom has to walk by my desk. The hallway to the main part of the office is to my left which means anyone moving around the office walks past me too. And with the half walls - EVERYONE looks at me as they pass by. I do not favor the VICINITY (location) of this desk but there is more desk space than the previous desk which lets face it would barely pass for a decent closet size.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

U is for Uncontrollable

I tend to be out of control of things around me today. Power's out even though it's paid. I suppose that's because I was trying to get ready for work. I get to work and the database system goes down. I suppose that is because I was really needing to get a return completed.

I am taking deep breaths and trying to remember that some things are just out of our hands and there is nothing to do but wait for the annoyance to pass. In these moments it is my belief that I am being taught patience by God.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

T is for Tuesday Training is making me Tired

In case my post title isn't clear- I've had training all day today. I'm actually on a break from it right now. I am falling asleep. Desperately trying to stay awake. I am partially blaming the heavy meal they ordered in for lunch - pasta. I cannot shake off the drowsy feeling! I need more sleep but I have a to-do list a mile long. Lord help me get through today!

Monday, January 23, 2012

S is for Sleep

It is Monday and I am exhausted. I desperately need a day to sleep. This weekend was spent sick and scrapbooking all hours of the night. I look forward to making it thru today and getting to go home and pass out. I will definitely enjoy my bed tonight.

Tonight also starts me on practicing sleeping less - 6 hours instead of my usual 8 or 11 hours. (I love that I dont have kids because so many friends and family with children say that's what they miss the most.) Any way, S is for sleep because that is all that is on the brain today as I muddle through all the returns and work on getting my personal to-do list accomplished.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

R is for Resume

Today I spent my day scrapbooking to my heart's content at Pine Cove Woods Retreat in Tyler, TX. I just HAVE to name drop because I had such a fabulous time. Between the round the clock meals, the worship discussions at mealtimes, the ample time to scrapbook, the extracurricular activities they had(like horseback riding - check another thing off my 101 list!) and of course the AMAZING staff - how does one not leave a place of such relaxation and rejuvenation without being changed forever?!?! It's impossible!

Any way, I digress. R is for Resume. As in restart or pick up again.

R is for resume because I had such a passionate experience at Pine Cove today that I will not let it be forgotten. I am going to pick up my Bible again and start reading daily and studying the books like I used to. It's time to resume such an important task. And what perfect timing too! Tuesday night is the first of Beth Moore's Tuesday Night Bible Study at Houston's First Baptist Church. I'm so excited about going. Pray that I find time to be able to keep going throughout busy season.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Q is for Queen

Q is for Queen because that is how I feel today. I feel like a queen.

Rakesh wakes me up, warms up my car and irons my work clothes for me. In moments like this I always think of my favorite quote - "Treat me like a Queen and I'll make you my King."

I need to find a way to show Rakesh how much I appreciate him, my "King."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

P is for Pete

For those of you that know me should know that my relationship with my father is not in the least bit OK.

I have worked on myself and my feelings for a long time to come to grips with his actions. Now that I have, or at least, have come to a place where I feel comfortable to discuss the issue, I have started to visit him. Not regularly but when I get a chance and have some time open.

Last visit really got me worried about him. Visiting him helps me cope with the deadbeat father he turned out to be. But surprisingly, my visits help him cope with his life too. That makes me feel good.

I came from him and I feel like I'm doing Gods work helping him in this way.

P is for Pete, my deadbeat father.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

O is for one more time


      Today on the agenda, I have to get an MRI and see some newly built homes. O is for one more time because with the redundancy of seeing doctors for the car accident and looking at houses I am overwhelmed and stressed out from the repetition. It makes it feel like it is so much more work than it actually is. It drives me crazy. O is for one more time that I will pray for the strength to deal with all this stress.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

N is for Nothing

I've got Nothing.

Nothing to write about.
Nothing to want or desire beyond all comprehension. I have everything I need and everything else seems frivolous.
Nothing to watch on TV.
Nothing to fear. Instead of telling God about my problems, I tell my problems about my God.
Nothing to eat. Or snack on, at least. I like snacking. I should go to the grocery store but I'm trying to lose weight.
Nothing to do. Doing stuff costs money, which yesterday's post tells you I dont have.
Nothing to be sad about. Like I said, no needs are unsatisfied.
Nothing to spend. Like I said, no money. lol
Nothing. I think I like doing nothing. It's nice.

Just Nothing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

M is for Money

Between doctors bills, dentist bills, saving for retirement, saving for a house, loans to people, saving for a new car, having enough to eat, and having to clothe and shelter myself, I do not have enough money.

And I wish I had time to make more money. Because I need more money.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

L is Lazy

Its saturday.

I feel like doing nothing, nada, zilch. How much stuff do I ahve to do? Tons, a lot, too much. LOL

L is for Lazy because I am not in the mood to do anything. Yesterday I supposed to do two happy hours and I bailed on them both. Not because I'm not happy. haha. Get it? Because it's a "happy" hour. Anyway, I just didnt feel like it.

I have a lot to do to make my life what I want it to be. But I know that there are so many people that are worse off than I am that to not be greatful for what the Lord as blessed me with would be ridiculous and selfish.

Any way, I digress. I am being lazy today. And with that in mind I am done blogging. Blogging is doing something and I dont want to do anything. :)

Have a wonderful weekend folks. Much love. God Bless you. And know that whoever you are someone loves you. Especially me. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

K is King

Ok so this project was to delve into all thing Margaret right? So, I'm gonna put it out there. I'm opinionated. Always have been. I have my viewpoints and they dont have to be yours but I'm not going to discount someone else's either. I think that everyone is entitled to an opinion. I dont care if you agree with me or not. I wont be offended by your viewpoint so dont be offended by mine.

Ok all that being said. I LOVE discussing politics. I love hearing someone's opinion. I love knowing why they think what they think. I love being that person, who like a five year old, asks why so many times it gets annoying. Any way, as of late I find myself getting caught up occassionally in the political debates and the world's happenings.

And I cant help but be aggitated by all of these old school thinking or extremist preaching individuals who run the country. Why cant we all just get along? Why does the government need to but into EVERYTHING I do? Why do some people think government shouldnt exist at all? Why is it in a country full of power hungry people that we cant stop and think that maybe we shouldnt bother stepping on someones toes? You wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are aggressive?!

What is with all the damn social programs? Why can't we cut budgets? Some days I hear the stories and think we have become too much of a bureaucratic nation that is too worried about being PC and not worried enough about having a nation that doesn't cave in on itself while all civil liberties are slowly but surely being ripped away?

K is for King because everyday we get closer to be a monarchy. A bill proposed to censor the internet, really? REALLY?!

I'm not intelligent enough to navigate the internet apparently.

Ok rant over.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

J is Jugular

Today I had a doctor's appointment with my Endocrinologist. For those of you that don't know, I have hypothyroidism. And not just hypothyroidism, I have Hoshimoto's disease, which is the type of under performing thyroid problem that I've had for life. Which is why J is for Jugular; the thyroid is in your throat. So any way, my appointment was just a basic check up for my TH levels. It went smoothly my levels are normal now that I'm on medication to rectify the problem.

I dont know if its the fact that I'm medication for it or not, who's to say. But I cant help but notice my neck now. It looks thicker. Like a man neck. Its not proportionate to my head and it bothers me. I put on my cross necklace daily. (We must all bear our own cross. Mark) and its something I notice everyday.

I find myself wondering if its possible to get a skinnier neck. Are there exercises? Like can I nod and shake my head in repetitive sets of 10 to get a skinnier neck? Or is there plastic surgery? But then I think about having to walk into a surgeons office and asking for a skinny neck. Its such a ridiculous idea it makes me laugh.

J is for Jugular.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I is for ill-tempered

I am moody today. Today is Rakesh's birthday. I wanted to surprise him with a family lunch. But that idea was ruined with flaky family members. :(

All the stress and trying to make Rakesh feel special and failing at it makes me ill-tempered. I desperately want to shake off this feeling. I think I'm still going to attempt to take Rakesh out tonight. Rajeev speaks highly of a place called Kung Foo Saloon in Midtown. I think it'd be fun to take him out for a chill night playing video games and drinks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

H is for Healthcare/House

So for those of you that keep up with my posts know - I am trying to buy a house and in the meantime I am trying to get some doctors visits in for checkups and such. Well, today's post is going to be straight up ranting about just those two things. Healthcare and House Hunting are such.... annoying things to deal with. I feel like I am endlessly attempting to jump through hoops to make things happen. It's making me crazy!

First - Healthcare. Insurance doesn't pay for anything. I have a high deductible so my monthly payments are low. The very little it will pay for it STILL doesn't pay for. I look up a specific type of doctor (gyno, endocrin., etc.) off of their website's "In-Network Providers" list and go to that doctor. Insurance says they aren't in network. Like really?! How else would I have known about them? *sigh* Then this extremely bizarre concept of "if you didn't have insurance previously you have to pay us for insurance but wont actually HAVE insurance." Really? Effing! Insurance Companies!

Then the house hunt - Bid on a house. One month later: "No." No what? "...." Bid on another house. "Accepted another offer." Bid on ANOTHER house. "We don't take FHA loans." Bid on ANOTHER house. "House is already sold. Sorry we didn't take it off the market or HAR.com." Bid on ANOTHER house. "We decided not to sell our house. We're going to refinance instead." *sigh* I have no wonders other than: STRESS!!!

I just keep praying that I wont end up bald from this nonsense.
Lucky H? Yeah I don't know.

Monday, January 9, 2012

G is for Good

G is for Good. As in I am making progress with my personal and work life and I feel good. Praise Jesus!

I am back to normal levels with my thyroid and that is a blessing. I have my Summer vacation in the works and I am working on my 101 list one thing at a time. I really am enjoying all the new experiences. And more than that I love to check things off the list. Check! Check! Check! LOL

Saturday, January 7, 2012

F is for Fun

So yesterday I ranted, quite inexplicably, about my fears for my finances and my immediate next day of clarity is to just enjoy life. I need to plan yes, obviously. But everything down to the detail, maybe not. And let's face it. I could save plenty for retirement but who says I'll live past next year any how? So I need to just take things as they come. Trust in God that His plan is greater than any one I could formulate and like Rajeev always says "just go with it."

I think I will take up my Aunt Dolores on her offer to go on a cruise. See just a bit more of the world.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - M. Gandhi

Friday, January 6, 2012

E is for "Eh?..."

"Eh? Are you talking to me? Am I supposed to know something about that?"

Ever come to a point in your life where you're making a lot of hard and fast decisions and have just a moment of hesitation. Yeah that's all me today. Finances are at the forefront of my mind and everything that can go wrong when you treat your money with disrespect. Sounds crazy to make such a statement but I've been in the front row seat to watching my parents make poor financial decisions.

For instance- right now is a good time to buy a house - fact. But is it a good time for ME to buy a house? I need a new car but now is NOT a good time to get one. *sigh* I am almost 30 and need to start saving seriously for retirement. How do I go about making that happen?! And so many other things - should I pay off my student loans first? They are locked in at 6.8%! The list goes on and on.

Lord help me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

D is for Distractions!

I am amazingly good at procrastinating. When I was in high school, I used to think I performed my best when in a tight spot. Now that I'm older I realize that it was just a way for me to justify sub-par performance, which let's face it- really just sold myself short.

While in school, my distractions consisted of television and taking care of my siblings. Even the student organizations I was in provided distractions from doing schoolwork when it needed tending to.

As an adult however the distractions are different. It's health insurance companies and their endless run around and doctor's appointments. It's filing your tax return and helping Roshan study. It's picking up Maricela from school so she can get stuff for a school project and picking up dinner for Rakesh and I. And of course it is watching some recorded TV at the end of the long day to unwind. (God bless the man that invented the record button for TV. I'd never see any of my shows if not for him!) And it's resting because all the endless "errands" only leave you so many hours to actually get any sleep. lol And these are just the things that are going on as of late.

At first glance, they all seem like things that have to be done. In focusing more on me to try and find space for the goals I've set myself this year, some of these "errands", I've come to realize, are just ways for me to procrastinate and put off doing the things that are important in accomplishing my goals, like studying and working out.

But I'm not gonna blatantly lie - I do love my distractions (especially Gossip Girl and eating dinner out) but I think I need to find a way to love them just a little less. At least until I have more time on my hands.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

C is for CPA

A few days ago I posted about my anxiety for the upcoming year. The biggest part of that anxiety being from accomplishing my goals this year. I want to really make a concerted effort to make things happen this year. My biggest mountain to climb is definitely the CPA exam.

I just gotta get that license. No more time to mess around.

I've made a schedule to study which is light to allow for Busy Season stresses and I'm gonna make it stick. No matter what. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

B is for Busy Season

As I was assigned the first return to arrive in house last week, I realized that Busy Season is officially here. Not being very busy in the Fall, well- as busy as I'm used to being any way, I can't help but think the brunt of the work is done in the Spring. With that being said, I have been bracing myself for these months which now have officially arrived, January through April.

Now I know with "Busy Season" comes sacrifices, which I surprisingly welcome since I've actually been able to enjoy the company of Rakesh during the Fall and see our families as frequently as I wished to see them. I feel grateful and willing to put in extra hours in the upcoming months for the ability to have a life outside work. I welcome this busy season with open arms and an eagerness to work. This is how work should be everywhere.

B is for Busy Season, but maybe also a Bright outlook for what is to come.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A is for Anxiety

To start off the new year right, I decided to take on the challenge of blogging everyday but Sundays. To generate ideas, I scouted ideas and came across "Blogging A to Z." I liked the idea and am going to go with it.

So without further to do....

A is for ANXIETY!

With the past year playing out the way it did, I cant HELP but be anxious about what 2012 has in store for Rakesh and I. Him and I were actually discussing that over dinner the other night. I set three goals for myself last year. ONLY three! I did not accomplish any of them. We took a beating but at year's end we were regrouped and ready to take on the new year. But I still feel anxious. I've prayed about it and asked God to lead me on His path. I am working on being more active and conscious of my time and how I am spending it.

My goals for this year: Lose some weight. My endocrinologist says I should be 130 for a healthy weight so I have about 50 pounds that need to go.

I want to pass the cpa exam which means I need to allocate my time to studying. Obviously waiting for the time to be available is not going to happen. Rakesh and I are always busy.

I also want to buy a house. I think I'm in a good place financially to accomplish this goal. Definitely in a better spot that I was last year. So I hope a home is in God's plan for me.