Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Number 6

101 LIST

I am finally getting around to updating for my 101 list for the one thing I managed to cross off the list the weekend of January 20th. I went horse back riding on my Pine Cove Scrapbook retreat last month. If I was being honest, it was a bit unnerving. You have to yield yourself entirely to this MASSIVE animal that you have absolutely no idea of knowing how it feels about you being on its back. I think my horse was apathetic. I'll state my case. On one hand, the horse was a lazy sort. He didnt care if he was with the pack or not. He stopped once all by himself and didn't budge when I tried to make him go by making the kissy noise. On the other hand, this horse more than once attempted to smash me into trees and once actually succeeded. My knees were skinned for a few days after that weekend. But considering that several people have broken their necks falling off horses I think the tree incidents weren't really the utmost effort to hurt me.

 Needless to say, the lack of control around something large enough to crush me doesn't really make the list of things I want to do again. But I wont deny, it was an experience I will always remember.


The view of the lake at Pine Cove in the early morning light.

Our "dorms" at Pine Cove

Auntie Anne and Heather about to ride some horses.

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