Thursday, May 31, 2012

Number 5. Buy a House. Check!

101 LIST

We bought a house! Closed and received the keys to our first home on March 23rd! This by far was the most time consuming and challenging goal to accomplish. But we did it! Naturally because it was Mid-Busy Season, we had to wait a few weeks before we moved into the house but we’ve been moved in and settling in for almost 2 months. We have a last mad dash ahead of us to finish the last few things to have a housewarming party. We cannot wait to have everyone come down and enjoy our home with us! This reminds me… I need to make invites! Lol.


Monday, May 21, 2012

So... I've been a little MIA.

As my last post mentioned there has been lots to deal with on the home front and updating the blog was definitely on the to-do list. Well... turns out life takes a lot longer to get organized than I had originally thought. 

I have been juggling lately. Helping Mari with school stuff, getting the house together for an upcoming house warming party, fitting in the doctors visits I had to postpone because of busy season and studying for the CPA exam have proven to be extremely overwhelming and TIME CONSUMING! But fear not! I am getting close to being back to a norm. 

Some upcoming posts I hope to have up by week's end:
1. We bought a house! Number 4: Check!
2. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness? Psh! (Getting the house clean is painfully time consuming.)
3. Cruise control/My birthday surprises
4. Spa Day with My Mom and Sisters. Number 31: Done!
5. Bible Study progress!
6. 99 projects and a pair of pants ain't one! (Craft room progress and Zumba!)

But until then, I have a question for those of you who are still with me. Should I bother to paint pre-house warming party? Or no? The entirety of my house is this light yellow color: walls and ceilings! What do you think?