Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cruise control/My birthday surprises

Sunday April 29th, the day before my birthday, Rakesh and I met up with my family to plan the activities for our cruise. I was surprised by my Aunt Dolores and Uncle Johnny with an AMAZING tres leches cake! It was sooo good. Typing this actually makes me crave another piece. Lol. I also was given some money from my Grandma and a new set of towels from my Aunt Dolores and Uncle Johnny. It was a good birthday surprise despite the really nasty restaurant we decided to meet up at.

I took the next day off of work to enjoy my birthday. My sister in law, Regina, and her family came over to see the house and hang out for a bit. We took Priya to the park and she had us laughing. Rakesh gave me a Silhouette and some ink pads. If I said it was anything less than amazing this year, it’d be a lie. I feel so blessed for how my life has turned out so far. 

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