Monday, October 15, 2012

Number 59. Watch a sunrise with Rakesh.

101 LIST

Number 59 on my 101 list - Watch a sunrise with Rakesh. I must admit I think that when I originally made this 101 list I believe I was much more romantic about my goals. I dreamt I could take as many vacations as I wanted in just 3 years time. I dreamt I had an unlimited supply of cash. I dreamt that I was not who I actually am. Case in point - this goal. Let me explain.

I am not nor have I ever ever EVER been a morning person. I was even BORN in the afternoon because I'm SO not a morning person. Does that make it more clear?

Why on Gods green Earth, would I make a goal of seeing the sunrise?? And on top of that... with Rakesh?? I'm a grouchy person in the morning and the last thing I want to do is be with Mr Morning Person, Rakesh. Who- for some reason- LOVES to ask me a thousand questions before I've even brushed my teeth. I blame this partially on his mother who spoiled him rotten with attention when he was a child. That's right Lauren - its your fault! lol

Anyways, back to my point for this post. I actually did finally see that sunrise with Rakesh this Summer while we were on our cruise. I was super anxious to see land after three days at sea. Rakesh was anxious to get off the boat after being really sea sick for two days straight. So we actually managed to watch the sunrise as we approached the coast of Guatemala. It was nice but it was not as romantic as I thought it would have been. It was really humid and drinking hot tea on the top deck out in the humidity was not the brightest ideas I've ever had. But we did it! We watched the sunrise together. And I did it without biting his head off. :-) So check one more thing off that 101 list, baby!

Number 9. Go on a cruise.

Well its deadline day and that means I can finally get around to all those things I've been meaning to do. For one, updating my blog. I hate that I don't get a chance to post when certain times of the year come around.  So here's my post about the cruise Rakesh and I went on over the summer with Carnival.

101 LIST

Number 9 - Go on a cruise.

Yep thats right! One more thing checked off my 101 list. The cruise was an interesting experience. And while we had a good time, we learned we aren't cruise people. We are more like New York for vacation kinda people. We like the fast paced vacations filled with culture and excitement and most importantly for me... the lack of humidity and heat that seems synonymous with Houston, TX.

With that being said, cruising is NOT that kinda vacation. We went on a week-long Carnival cruise with Aunt Dolores, Uncle Johnny, Uncle Greg, Aunt Christina and my Grandmother and by the end of it we were anxious to be back home (Rakesh more because he was sea-sick most of the time and me because I was getting a little stir crazy being trapped on a boat.) We left our house and took a short road trip over to New Orleans Saturday June 23rd. We spent the evening having fun, dancing, drinking and walking around New Orleans Downtown district, which was closest to the port. We left Sunday, the next day, from New Orleans. We ported in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico and returned back to New Orleans the following Sunday, July 1st. It was fun but Belize and Guatemala were really third world countries and me being the paranoid person I am did not enjoy roaming the countries. I was expecting to be robbed the entire time we were in port.

For me the best port day was the first day-Guatemala. I woke Rakesh early to watch the sunrise with me as we could finally see land in three days. On Isla Roatan in Guatemala we spent part of the day vegging out on the beach. The water is the first crystal clear water I've ever laid my eyes on. It was beautiful. Then we spent the afternoon interacting with dolphins at the country's dolphin resort.

The second port was Belize. Like I said, I was paranoid in this third world country. But lucky for me I have a dare-devil boyfriend to make me do what I would not have done on my own (sarcasm). Rakesh found a guy at the port to give us a tour of the city and take us down to the Mayan Ruins in the country. It was fun. And if you ask Rakesh, he'd tell you I reluctantly admitted that after and ONLY AFTER we were returned to the port in one piece and not robbed and left roadside. I was so grateful for that fact I insisted Rakesh tip our tour guide $20, which in Belize dollars was really $40. The Indian in him argued with me.

The third port was Mexico. There we picked up liquor and trinkets for the family when we got home. It was a fun day. We spent a good deal of time at the beach with Grandma and Dolores and Johnny.

The days we were at sea Rakesh and I played bingo, went swimming, drank and ate A LOT of food. We did karaoke, while the rest of the family refused to participate.We partied like it was 1999 at the dance club, even took a Salsa and Thriller dance class. We played laser tag with Antonio and Greg. Of course, Rakesh smoked us all and won a plastic trophy for his victory over us and some 4 year olds.

 All in all, a great vacation much needed after the Spring I had had. It was weird though coming back. It took some time to lose the sea legs. I felt wobbly for a good two weeks afterward.