Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello, 2013!!!

So as usual its been forever and a day since I've posted so I thought I'd take a sec and come by to update 'cha!

With the passing of 2012, we say goodbye to a lot of things: a place a lot of people all called home (if not currently then at some point in history), along with any and all doubt that we are extremely blessed people; the Bush tax cuts- (I just received the first paycheck of 2013 and I'm still a little irked); and with any luck, we also say goodbye to bad financial habits and poor planning in our household.

In the time since I last posted my in-laws' home of 30 years has burned to the ground. With no home owners insurance, there have been some real trying times. Two of Rakesh's younger siblings endured 2nd and 3rd degree burns. While the healing continues, we have had a non-stop out-pour of love and support that has been indescribable. From strangers to close family friends and cousins across this planet, we have been sent money, clothes, food and an un-Godly amount of cupcakes! Some handful of family friends submitted the family to a Gallery Furniture Giveaway Contest and Rakesh's parents actually won a houseful of furniture just before Christmas!

On our own personal home front, we have made a new year's resolution as a couple to be more proactive with our financials. We are attempting to do more with less. I've picked up a book and hope to be making some changes to how we spend our money so that we are making a bigger dent in the student loan debt and putting more equity into our home whilst managing not to starve to death simultaneously. It's doable its just going to take a more conscious effort on our part.

Wish us luck!