Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Number 48. Find out my blood type

101 LIST

So for Christmas, one of my very best friends did me a solid and encouraged me to get back to this list of mine, which I had mentioned to her that I was feeling defeated about. Part of her Christmas gift to me was a blood type test. A home kit, no less.

I absolutely love it! Odd really, loving something so obscure but that's Tab's style. Random in her perfection.

She warned me it would hurt some doing the finger prick part otherwise I would have whipped out the kit and bloodied my hand right there in her living room. I was so excited. But instead I waited a few weeks (building up courage, of course. I'm kinda a wimp when it comes to needles, no matter what the size.) Who knew they even made home kits for this, any way??

Any ways, I've done the test and I'm O+!!

Had Rajeev take some pics while my doctor (read: Rakesh) administered the home exam.

So with my motivation restored thanks to my bestie, Number 48 is checked off my list! Yay!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: RABDARGAB!

Everyone who's anyone knows RABDARGAB.

(Not to worry, if you're not in the "cool club" I'll enlighten you...)

Back in the 90's, the Houston Independent School District ran the RABDARGAB campaign in attempts to raise literacy in elementary age children in the Houston area. The deal was pretty straight forward:  Read A Book, Do A Report, Get A Buck. Thus, RABDARGAB was born.

I read a book so here's my dollar-making post ("report"):

I read "Do More, Spend Less" by Brad Wilson, Owner of Bradsdeals.com. (A cool little discount website that if you haven't tried I highly recommend.)

So back to the book- if you ask me it could use a little editing down on the "look what I can do/did" of giving examples of his marvelous trips. Other than that it was otherwise an eye-opening book chalked full of ideas and useful online tools for fixing credit scores, using rewards credit cards to rack up free trips, hotel stays and cash back. It was an excellent book for a newbie. Of course, like anything that totally enraptures me it set me off on an non-stop almost obsessive search for more in depth details and how-to's on improving my credit ratings.If you're looking for something to read for a little bit of "learning something new" I recommend this book and then I suggest you check out extrapackofpeanuts.com if you just have to know more.

Fairly straight forward and to the point, and not very much like a book report; yes, I know, but I just had to share this book with you. It's a good read for the newly financially-focused individuals out there.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming....