Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Number 48. Find out my blood type

101 LIST

So for Christmas, one of my very best friends did me a solid and encouraged me to get back to this list of mine, which I had mentioned to her that I was feeling defeated about. Part of her Christmas gift to me was a blood type test. A home kit, no less.

I absolutely love it! Odd really, loving something so obscure but that's Tab's style. Random in her perfection.

She warned me it would hurt some doing the finger prick part otherwise I would have whipped out the kit and bloodied my hand right there in her living room. I was so excited. But instead I waited a few weeks (building up courage, of course. I'm kinda a wimp when it comes to needles, no matter what the size.) Who knew they even made home kits for this, any way??

Any ways, I've done the test and I'm O+!!

Had Rajeev take some pics while my doctor (read: Rakesh) administered the home exam.

So with my motivation restored thanks to my bestie, Number 48 is checked off my list! Yay!