Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Forgive the delay, I've been out living...

So since we last really spoke, I've been a bit busy.

I'm working on my Dave Ramsey Plan - paying off my student loan debt by 30. Just 8 more months and I will be student-loan-debt free my people! Then all that will be left is the mortgage. I cannot even begin to express how thoroughly I am looking forward to it. 

And while that would make most people think that I am doing less,  we are somehow doing more.  We spend more time at home working on the house and yard and when we do get out,  we make sure that it's really worth the money we spend. So the things we get or do tend to be of greater quality,  and ultimately means we spend more time on it. 

Also and if I'm speaking frankly, the first quarter of the year has been hectic is kind of a normal thing. With birthday after birthday (since 5 out of 8 in-laws have birthdays in Jan-Feb; on top of other  friends and family members' ), a wedding, a bachelorette party and four baby showers, and meeting my new HSF mentee - we almost always spend every weekend doing something and being swamped at the beginning of the year. As we move into April though, things always come to a standstill which is great for me. I get a breather. I get to peacefully enjoy a quiet evening with family to celebrate my brother's birthday (like I did this past weekend) and usually coast into a uneventful birthday of my own toward the end of the month.

So I just wanted to check in with my progress on my resolutions. I definitely feel like I am working towards a happier life that I want. The focusing of my goals and following through with them making all the difference in my day to day. And if I can move forward then I can certainly smile at my progress. 

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